Productivity Hacks You’ve Been Missing: Exercise at Home

There are a seemingly endless number of productivity hacks with a range of efficacies streaming through our feeds daily. One dramatically underutilized tactic is exercising at home, and here’s why: the benefits of exercise are well established, and nearly everyone you talk to says they should use more, but few do. Why is this? Read […]

exercise at work

Exercise at Work: Prevent Expensive Illness and Stay Healthy

It’s no secret that America has an overweight and obesity problem. Exercise at work could be the best way to get many people moving and losing weight. Many people have been conditioned to think that going to the gym and getting on a diet is the only solution. However, this can be an inefficient and […]

Exercise and Mental Health: New Science of Mental Health and Why it Matters

Let’s talk about exercise and mental health. Recently it was reported that 1 in 3 college freshman are reporting symptoms consistent with a diagnosable mental health disorder, and 1 in 5 adults experience mental illness in a given year (1).  While this recent headline focuses on college students, mental illness impacts all, and is especially […]

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How to Burn Fat Fast at Home: The Missing Keys to Efficient Fat Burning

We can all agree: everyone seems to want to learn how to burn fat fast at home. We all want more time, or to make better use of the time we have!  In the quest to be more efficient, many people understand the power that a regular exercise routine can have on their energy, focus, […]