personal trainer business plan

Our Personal Trainer Business Plan: New Company, New Concept

Golden Home Fitness addresses an unmet need for a significant number of people in the community. Want to learn more about our unique personal trainer business plan?

We’re excited, too, so let’s dive in!

An Untapped Need

For many people, the use of large box store gyms or specialty gyms to meet their health and fitness needs is not a viable solution. This could be for any number of reasons: time, money, effort. for whatever reason.

But, these people WANT to either become more fit or stay fit. They WANT to become healthier in their everyday life, but they just need some guidance in achieving these goals.

And that’s what we aim to do! We offer a path for these people to achieve their health and fitness goals on THEIR terms and on THEIR schedule and in the comfort of THEIR own home.

Here’s how we do it.

Our Personal Trainer Business Plan

First, we insure that we FULLY understand what each client wishes to accomplish. We spend the time to understand each client; his or her goals, objectives, history and preferences.

We wish to know what our client’s history is with fitness training.

What gyms have they joined and what their experience was with them? What aspects of fitness training have they enjoyed?

What aspects have they had problems with? Are they or have they been an athlete?

What is their nutritional history and what is their nutritional understanding as it relates to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle?

We also want to understand what type of training schedule they would like to pursue.

Our Expert Team

Second, we have hired a solid team of personal fitness and athletic trainers.  These trainers are employees of Golden Home Fitness and hold at least one nationally recognized personal training certificate.

Often our trainers hold several certificates for different training techniques. They are fully insured, fully vetted, experienced trainers with a diverse set of skills and techniques. We then build a Trainer skill and personal profile for each of our trainers.

Individual Attention

Third, we hand select the best trainer for each client matching the client’s objectives, needs and preferences with the trainer’s skill set, experience and preferences. We guarantee this match.

A Wide Variety of Training Packages to Fit Your Needs

Finally, we offer a wide range of training packages for our clients (either training solo or perhaps with a friend). This variety allows each client the flexibility with managing their journey to better health and fitness on their schedule.

Our trainers will make every effort to be as flexible as possible with regard to scheduling of each training session whether it is morning, afternoon or evening.

And of course, we train our clients in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. We also will be continually monitoring their progress and will make adjustments in their program as necessary in order for our clients to achieve their fitness goals and objectives.

Our goal is assist each and every Golden Home Fitness Client in becoming more fit and healthy in their everyday life. Let us help you in your journey to meet your health and fitness goals!

Welcome to Golden Home Fitness! Contact us to get started.