Weight Loss

Our approach to weight loss is always in context with an overall Health and Wellness program.

We do endorse a multi-disciplined approach to safe, effective weight loss.  For this reason, we have partnered with Jocelin Lamprey, RDN of Day by Day Nutrition.  Jocelin is now our Staff Registered Dietitian and will be available to develop and customize a diet and meal plan according to each of our Client’s personal medical needs.  She has both clinical and private practice experience with Clients with a wide range of medical and health issues.

We do not endorse quick weight loss programs using fad diets, smoothies or pre-packaged specialty diet food.  We do not believe these approaches yield long-lasting weight loss. These programs usually result in quick weight loss followed by weight gain.  Usually, the weight gain is more than the initial weight loss. This kind of weight loss/gain is called YoYo dieting and has been shown in the peer-reviewed literature to result in an overall weight Gain over time.  In addition, it is unhealthy.

Part of our multi-disciplinary approach to weight loss is to not to solely focus on the meal plans, but also on your activity level.  Having a robust fitness program not only enhances your weight loss program but also helps adjust your body to the fat loss and enhances your looks….it also makes you feel better.  There has been much research on the benefits of a well rounded and consistent fitness program in enhancing and maintaining weight loss.

We also want input from your personal physician.  Any client with significant vascular disease or diabetes or want to lose more than 40 lbs should contact their physician alerting them to starting a weight loss program.  We would be happy to talk with your physician should they request more information.

Our Weight Loss Program involves Fitness Training, use of our own virtual mobile Fitness App and consultations with our Staff Registered Dietician.

This Program represents over a $300 Savings for our Clients!    You will receive customized workouts, customized meal plans and even recipes for your favorite dishes.  If you are interested in participating in one of our Weight Loss Plans, please give us a call today.