Bill Thorpe, MD, PhD – President and Founder

Bill is trained as a biomedical research engineer and medical doctor. He has experience in entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups in the medical, engineering and educational fields.  

After competing as a gymnast in college, the long hours of work and schooling (not to mention raising a family…) put wellness on the back-burner, and as a result, weight gain, lethargy, and poor health resulted.
That all changed when he hired a personal trainer, and in 2015 he founded Golden Home Fitness (named after his two Golden Retrievers) to serve people in the same place he once was: short on time and high on stress, by providing premier on-site wellness services built for results!

Bill still works with a trainer, and continues to progress at 62 years young!


Evan Aubrey – Director of Sales

Evan has 11 years of personal experience in various mixed martial arts and has competed in various tournaments. He decided early on he wanted to bring his passion for fitness to others. While pursuing his career in MMA, he obtained his Associates in General Studies from Bristol Community College, followed by his Bachelors Degree in Physical Education from Bridgewater State University.




Will Hansen – Director of Operations

In all of his endeavors, he seeks to lift up the people he is around and help them grow in ways they never thought possible. His training philosophy is well described by the Simon Sinek quote, “we are not victims of our situation, we are the architects of it.”

He is certified as a personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and has a passion for progress in all aspects of life. He believes personal training should allow one to balance their life goals while progressing towards their fitness, wellness, and athletic goals in a purposeful and enjoyable environment.

As physical activity has been largely engineered out of the default way of life, he feels impassioned to aid people in their fitness and athletic performance journey (as Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman defined it, “if you have a body, you are an athlete”). He has experience working with athletes of all ages from 8 to 85, with goals including weight loss, muscle building, physical preparation for sport, mobility, injury prevention, post-PT rehabilitation, youth development, and maintaining fitness while aging.

In addition to the NSCA-CPT, he also holds CPR/AED and First Aid certifications from the American Red Cross, and the Reflexive Performance Reset Level 2 certification.