About Us


Bill Thorpe, MD, PhD – President and Founder

Golden Home Fitness was founded by Bill Thorpe in 2015 to help others conquer the fitness challenges he himself overcame. Being a fulltime Physician and Biomedical Engineer while helping to raise a family, Bill was short on time and high on stress. Soon the health, fitness and vitality he enjoyed as a college gymnast was replaced by weight gain, lethargy and poor health. Losing 50 pounds after hiring a personal trainer, Bill had an epiphany. He decided to open a fitness studio model that was much more comprehensive, convenient and attractive than any existing gym.
Golden Home Fitness is the result of Bill’s personal insight and subsequent missionto empower people to live healthier lives. It incorporates a holistic approach to wellness. You can get personal training, physical therapy, nutritional counseling and a massage all under one roof. You can also take group training, fitness, personal defense or yoga classes in the Golden Home Fitness studio. In addition, we can come to your home or condominium, or provide you with online virtual training. Eliminating the challenges Bill and many of us face, Golden Home Fitness makes consistent and personal lifechanging progress accessible to everyone.
Bill has taken on several entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups in the medical, engineering and educational fields. Golden Home Fitness’s immediate success and consistent positive feedback after launching in the Boston area, allowed him to spread his exceptional one-of-a-kind fitness studio beyond Massachusetts. Our clients are living proof that focusing on optimal health and fitness leads to a better quality of life. Bill still continues to progress with the help of his trainers, and feels better at 62 than he did before his transformation. Golden Home Fitness is named after his two Golden Retrievers, who have been part of his motivation because he knows motivation is key!




Evan Aubrey – Vice President

Evan Go Hard Aubrey
Vice President Golden Home Fitness

Bill’s first step to creating the Golden Home Fitness concept, was to find the best Personal Trainers in the area. Evan Aubrey was at the top of that list. He not only has a passion fofitness, but he also has a genuine desire to help others live their best lives. Evan has been competing in the Mixed Martial Arts arena for about eleven years. He has firsthand knowledge of what it takes to be a hard-core athlete. Evan has an Associates Degree in General Studies from Bristol Community College, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from Bridgewater State University. Evan’s combination of knowledge, experience and thoughtfulness will put you on the fast track to where you want to be.

JJ Martin, BS, ACE-CPT, ACE-CHC – Event Coordinator

JJ graduated from UMass-Lowell with a bachelor’s in Health Education (2003).  He is a certified personal trainer, certified health coach and corrective exercise specialist.  JJ loves coaching and educating clients through efficient exercise mechanics.  He started his fitness career in corporate fitness as an intern.  From October 2005-August 2019 he was a manager for an onsite fitness center for Dell Technologies (and legacy companies) before joining Golden Home Fitness in November 2019.  Accomplishments while at Dell include:  engaging with employees as team captain for the JP Morgan-Chase Corporate Challenge-Boston (7 years), establishing the Wellness Champion Network committee, conducting Fitness Boot Camp for the Global Services Department, and facilitating Fun Fitness for the company’s annual Kids’ Day event (10 years). 


He has lived in five states including FL, MS, NH, NM and MA.  When he isn’t working JJ likes to spend time with family, read, play poker and do yardwork. 

Laura McLaughlin – Personal Trainer and Blog Author

Laura has excelled as a Personal Trainer for the past 9 years. She has worked with all kinds of clients in a multitude of settings, one-on-one as well as in groups. Laura prides her ability to effectively design and fine-tune the optimal strategy for each person she works with. She understands that some people thrive on competition while others succeed with a much gentler approach. Laura is from Argentina and is fluent in Spanish. Laura also teaches a broad range of fitness classes including HIIT, Spin, Boxing, Barre, Strength, Pilates and Light and Fit. Laura is an avid runner, having run the Boston Marathon three times, as well as many other races.


Laura is on a mission to transform lives through fitness. What makes her well-equipped is the fact she grew up hating exercise and being an emotional eater. It is her own life-affirming transformation that fuels her desire to help others achieve the same. She can relate to the challenge and knows how best to address each stage of the game. Laura is also a passionate writer who uses the medium to spread her knowledge of fitness and nutrition. She believes that maximizing you health brings a sense of well-being which positively affects all areas of your life.


Mitchell Dropp, MS, CSCS, LMT – Advisor and Performance Coach

Mitch is both an excellent Performance Coach anexperienced Massage Therapist. He not only knows a wealth of information about how to effectively train our bodies and motivate our minds, but he is also a skilled educator. Mitch conducts weekly Personal Trainer workshops which keeps all our Personal Trainers at the top of their game. Mitch has worked with some of the most forward thinking companies managing, consulting, educating, and hiring for fitness centers across the US. He works with a variety of clientele from the clinical, educational, corporate, and performance setting.