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At Golden Home Fitness, we create a customized exercise plan for each client and then coach them through the plan providing expertise, motivation and encouragement. Our system helps our clients, such as Macy whose comments are featured below, stick with and reach their fitness and weight loss goals!

“Fantastic Results! ‍ Lost 30 lbs and counting. Am in the best shape of my life and stronger than ever. Thanks to the excellent training program that the team at Golden Home Fitness and the trainers (Will Hansen and Gary Murphy) and the nutrition help from the staff nutritionist, (Jocelin Lamprey) , been able to really turn around my fitness.

Before, I had tried trainers before at gyms and video programs, but with the travel time and inconvenience of going to a gym at the hours I need, nothing really worked. Finally finding an at home program really helped me create the discipline and schedule that worked for me, and with that the results finally appeared. I highly recommend Golden Home because the trainers are extremely knowledgeable, they are very helpful and work hard to support you.” - Macy C.


“I have been working out for 9 months with Will Hansen from Golden Home Fitness and he Rocks! He comes to my home two days a week and we focus on core, stability and exercises to build more strength and less pain in my knees and back. He always mixes up the workouts and he knows how to motivate me to maximize my workout experience. Thank you Will!”

Linda Bunce (Boston, MA)

"The staff were incredible and responsive. Training sessions were challenging but not impossible and I felt stronger after each session. Golden Home Fitness was personalized, friendly, efficient, and overall absolutely incredible. Only reason I stopped using them was because we moved away from Boston. Highly recommend for ANY level of fitness and the price and convenience cannot be beat! :)”

Lara B. (Boston, MA)

"I enjoyed discovering new workouts for strength training and seeing my fitness level increase with time and sessions. I was able to get stronger and feel healthier."

Jacqui Jones (Cambridge, MA)

"While I initially was hesitant to commit to a "personal trainer", this has turned out to be one of the best investments I have made with respect to taking care of my body, learning about stretching, muscle groups, as well as just really enjoying the process. My workout routine is now something I really look forward to each day and I can really see and feel the difference. My trainer has been a true "gift" who is most knowledgeable while combining compassion and rigor- I couldn't be more satisfied. And I never realized that there were so many different muscle groups nor that there existed specific exercises that pertain to each of them."

Ed Hattauer (Boston, MA)

“I am in my 60’s with medical problems and have fallen and broken bones in the past. I have been training now with GHF two to three times per week since early in the fall, about 6 months. Last week I was walking outside carrying groceries and came upon a step that I didn’t see. I tripped, but was able to regain my balance and did not fall. Disaster averted! GHF is making a real difference in my life. My trainers, Jake and Ashley, have been specifically working on balance. Thank you!”

- Colleen R. (Winchester)

Training in action

About Us

Golden Home Fitness was founded by William P. Thorpe, MD, PhD. Bill is trained as a medical doctor and biomedical engineer and has vast experience in entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups in the medical, engineering and educational fields. Bill is a former collegiate gymnast and has a long history of interest in personal fitness and he understands the dedication involved in fitness training. Golden Home Fitness gives Bill the opportunity to share his passion for a fit lifestyle and spread his enthusiasm for fitness to others. He is a devoted husband and father and has two Golden Retrievers, for which the company is named.

Golden Home Fitness was founded to address an unmet need in the community: In-Home Fitness Training. This need for qualified personal fitness trainers for the home is especially important for those people whose fitness, lifestyle and health needs are not met by the mass-produced exercise programs offered by the standard fitness club. Golden Home Fitness clients want to learn how to safely and effectively exercise in their own home using a personalized exercise program. They want to eliminate travel time to the gym and wait times for machines, and they want to control their own schedule. They desire privacy and want to ensure safety and cleanliness. Moreover, Golden Home Fitness clients must be assured of the quality and dedication of their own personal trainer. They want nationally certified professionals who will be able to develop and customize a program to meet their individual needs and time constraints.

Dr. Thorpe has developed a system and company that addresses all these issues and more.

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