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“Increased my awareness of the importance of exercising as part of my daily routine. Also, “how to” incorporate it into my life. On days when I finished work late and it was a “walk day” I incorporated it by getting on the “T” one more stop further than my usual one and got off one stop before my regular stop to come up with the 30 min… Seeing the week in full was helpful as I could make some adjustments according to my work schedule. Also, the variations of the exercises from week to week kept it interesting.”

– Susanne Palmacci (Brookline)

“I wanted to share with you a recent story. As you know I am in my 60’s with medical problems and have fallen and broken bones in the past. I have been training now with GHF two to three times per week since early in the fall, about 6 months. Last week I was walking outside carrying groceries and came upon a step that I didn’t see. I tripped, but was able to regain my balance and did not fall. Disaster averted! GHF is making a real difference in my life. My trainers, Jake and Ashley, have been specifically working on balance. Thank you!”

– Colleen R. (Winchester)

“I have been working out for 9 months with Will Hansen from Golden Home Fitness and he Rocks! He comes to my home two days a week and we focus on core, stability and exercises to build more strength and less pain in my knees and back. He always mixes up the workouts and he knows how to motivate me to maximize my workout experience. Thank you Will!”

– Linda Bunce (Charlestown)

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