Our Services

At Golden Home Fitness, we create a customized exercise plan for each client and then coach them through the plan providing expertise, motivation and encouragement.  Our system helps our clients stick with and reach their fitness and weight loss goals.

Our clients see increased health, vitality, confidence and so much more.  Here are just a few of the many benefits of working with Golden Home Fitness.

  • Maintain and increase lean muscle, even while dieting
  • Build endurance, flexibility and muscle tone
  • Improve balance, strength and muscle tone
  • Lose weight or look better
  • Improve agility, speed and strength
    Great for Athletes!
  • A Fitness Facility in your Own Home!
    We bring and/or give the client what ever training equipment is necessary
  • Achieve your ideal weight
  • Teach clients about their body and what it’s capable of<
  • Increase energy and performance
  • Pre and Post Natal Fitness
  • Improve balance, strength and muscle tone<
    Important for our elderly clients.
  • Results Oriented Approach
    We measure muscle strength, muscle endurance and flexibility based on National Academy of Sports Medicine standards.



Golden Home Fitness Personal Training is far more affordable than you might think for such a specialized, personal service!

Our rates start at $90 per hour for private training. Train with a friend and save even more!

PLUS – there are NO membership fees.

How do We Stack Up?
Below is a comparison of pricing at several local personal training facilities – and these rates are on top of high membership fees.
You truly can have the BEST for LESS.

LA Fitness* $110 (50 min)
Boston Sports Club* $100 (1 hour)
Equinox* $170 (1 hour)

Golden Home Fitness

$90-$95 (1 hour)



* These rates do not include membership fees, a charge you will never have to worry about with us!


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