Fitness and Weight Loss Results!

At Golden Home Fitness, we create a customized exercise plan for each client and then coach them through the plan while providing expertise, motivation, and encouragement.  Our on-site and in-home personal training system helps our clients stick with and reach their fitness and weight loss goals.


On-Site Fitness Services

In today’s highly competitive luxury apartment market, having elite amenities separate the good communities from the great. We offer a range of on-site services to enhance the resident experience, including: offering fitness center orientations and an introductory workout, providing personal training, organizing and hosting wellness events, recording instructional videos for the fitness center equipment, and providing personalized training programs for residents. Best of all, we do this at no cost to management, and only charge residents for ongoing personal training! To connect with us and to see how we’ve worked with other communities, visit our dedicated On-Site Fitness page!

Weight Loss

We understand how frustrating it can be to always be setting weight loss goals and working hard, only to bounce back time after time. We’re here to empower you to end the cycle of restrictive yo-yo dieting by establishing healthy, lasting habits and positive attitudes towards food. We employ a holistic approach based on the Precision Nutrition coaching philosophy with our nutrition coaches certified at the Master Coach level. These time-tested methods have brought lasting weight loss results to over 100,000 clients since 2005, and we’re excited to bring you the results you’ve always been looking for! To see our client successes and to sign up for a complimentary consultation, check out our dedicated Weight Loss page!

Online Coaching

These days, everyone is busy! While our personal training sessions are scheduled at your convenience, when you’re away for travel and can’t schedule in-person sessions, that’s no excuse to fall off track! We have a cutting edge online training platform that gives you the tools to keep working with your trainer remotely with full video exercise demonstration, progress tracking, and sharing video or text feedback from each training session. We even offer live streaming training sessions with your coach! To connect with us or sign up for our online-only training program, visit our dedicated Online Coaching page!