Personal Training

Let us help you achieve those 2022 New Year's resolutions!

Sound Familiar?

You used to be in great shape.

Then slowly, but surely… Between succeeding in your career and supporting your family. Your health began taking a back seat.

The inches started to add on.
Your energy started to decline.
Things just haven’t been the same.

So you made a change. Started going to the gym, attending group classes, and testing new diets. But nothing stuck. It can feel like you’ve tried it all and you still haven’t been able to get results.

It’s not your fault. We know what it’s like. We’ve been there.

What if there was a way to get results that last?

Not just for a week or two.

But for a lifetime.


Fitting back into your favorite jeans.

Beaming with confidence, turning heads from miles around.

Your coworkers asking: "You look different, what happened?

Imagine a brand new you.

With Personal Training with Golden Home Fitness, we can help you ACHIEVE these GOALS!

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What is included with our Personal Training programs?

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We first meet with you (Virtually or In Person) to find out what your goals and specific objectives are for Personal Training.  Based upon this information we develop a comprehensive Personal  Training Program to achive your Fitness goals/objectives.  Your Personal Training Program will include a Self Myofascial Release Program, a Fundamental Stetching Program as well as a complete Strength Program.  The Personal Training Program is designed in mutli-week phases based upon your individual needs.  

Your Personal Trainer will guide you through every aspect of your Training Program personally.  We can do this either at our Studio (In Person Personal Training) or Virutally via our own Virtual Training Platform.  

Most people are not familiar with these techiques that are so helpful in preparing for exercise programs.  Self Myofascial release (SMFR), also known as self massage relieves muscle stress.  Myofascial Release identifies and rejuvinates muscle and fascia and eliminates knots and tension spots that limit correct muscle and joint movement.  We will introduce and develop your own self myofascial release program based upon observation and feedback from you as we progress through your Personal Training program.  We have supporting demonstration videos to assist you when you perform self Myofascial Release.

While Self Myofascial Release helps prepare your body for exercise, Stretching those areas of the body that limit Range of Motion (ROM) is just as critical when beginning any exercise program.  Moreover, Stretching and realigning muscles will give your that elongated look you want and the confidence you deserve.  All Personal Training programs come with a upper and lower body Stretching program.  We also have an extensive video library of Stretching Demonstrations to help you target those constrained areas of the body.

Based upon your stated Fitness Goals and evaluation of your current fitness state/experience, our Personal Trainers will develop your own Strength Training program.  This program will be dynamic, in that your Personal Trainer will continually adjust and refine it to match your progress.  We also have an extensive video demonstration library at your fingertips via our Golden Home Fitness Mobile App.

Upon subscription to any Personal Training Program, you will recieve a download link to our Golden Home Fitness Mobile App.  This App is also available on the Apple App store and the Google Play Store.  In addition to holding all the programs referenced above, our App can sync to many different wearable fitness devices (apple watch, fitbit, etc) to help track your body stats as you progress with Personal Training.  The App also has many additional features including Tracking of your workout stats, Tracking of your body and performance stats, direct communication (via text) with your Trainer, a library of workouts, printable workouts, Tracking of Macros and Meals, and links to our Virtual Personal Training Platform.  We have developed our own Proprietary Virtual Training Platform that is fully encrypted for security. 


“I have been working out for 9 months with Will Hansen from Golden Home Fitness and he Rocks! He comes to my home two days a week and we focus on core, stability and exercises to build more strength and less pain in my knees and back. He always mixes up the workouts and he knows how to motivate me to maximize my workout experience. Thank you Will!”

Golden Home Fitness

Linda Bunce


"I wanted to share with you a recent story. As you know I am in my 60’s with medical problems and have fallen and broken bones in the past. I have been training now with GHF two to three times per week since early in the fall, about 6 months. Last week I was walking outside carrying groceries and came upon a step that I didn’t see. I tripped, but was able to regain my balance and did not fall. Disaster averted! GHF is making a real difference in my life. My trainers, Jake and Ashley, have been specifically working on balance. Thank you!”

Golden Home Fitness

Colleen R.


"Increased my awareness of the importance of exercising as part of my daily routine. Also, “how to” incorporate it into my life. On days when I finished work late and it was a “walk day” I incorporated it by getting on the “T” one more stop further than my usual one and got off one stop before my regular stop to come up with the 30 min… Seeing the week in full was helpful as I could make some adjustments according to my work schedule. Also, the variations of the exercises from week to week kept it interesting."

Susanne Palmacci


"Golden home fitness is great!. It helped me build core strength and upper body strength, things I sorely lacked. I had done yoga and aerobics classes before, but Golden home fitness is what got me the results I desired. Not only did I lose weight (7 lbs in six months), but I felt fit. Besides the regular exercise at home, personal attention, I was encouraged to do intermittent fasting, which has become a way of life now. I feel energetic and healthy. A big shout out to the very professional and accomplished personal trainers; Josh, Alex and Tommy. I have learned so much from you and love doing core exercises and pushups and planks because of you."

Megha J.


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